Seminar Contents

Managing Corporate Fatigue seminars can be tailored to your company’s needs. A typical 60- or 90-minute seminar can cover any combination of the following topics.

  • What is Corporate Fatigue?
  • The serious, long-term problems associated with CF
  • The reasons for CF
  • Managing vs. avoiding CF
  • Sleep management
  • Eating (not diet) management
  • Managing workplace energy levels (tips)
  • Exercise tips (strength, aerobics or HIIT?)
  • The impact of poor workplace and home air quality
  • Importance of time management to work/life balance
  • Stress reduction (not elimination)
  • Smarter, healthier travel
  • Creating lifestyle habits and routines
  • Developing a personal/professional health plan
  • Q&A

Your employees will learn what makes your body perform at its peak, what causes your health to break down and how to better manage your daily lifestyle habits and work routines to reduce the damage you do to their body.

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