For Partners

Pursuing a revenue strategy focused on a high number of billable hours will backfire if the quality of those billable hours loses you clients and potential clients.

Attorneys who work 12+-hour days start to miss things.

Fatigued lawyers reading opposing counsel’s briefs can miss opportunities to exploit that attorney’s strategy. Lawyers working at 8:00 pm aren’t as likely to come up with case-saving ideas as they are at 8:00 am. Tired attorneys take longer to write the same briefs or responses, missing deadlines and/or disrupting co-workers waiting for their work products. In addition, stressed partners and associates are more likely to succumb to colds, the flu and other ailments, missing work. After years of working long hours, many attorneys burn out, switch practices, change firms or move on to corporate work.

The more cases you lose, the more clients you lose and the more future income you lose.

Managing your key employees is all about managing the quality of their work, not the quantity.

The Managing Corporate Fatigue seminar teaches your paralegals, associates and partners the causes of corporate fatigue and how to employ techniques to combat these causes on a daily basis.

Your staff members and partners will learn how to manage their days from the time they wake up, through their arrival at the office, through lunch and afternoon hours, to their arrival home and eventual nighttime sleep.


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